Thursday, January 03, 2008

What to Do When Your Child Gets an Autism Diagnosis, a website site for parents of very young children, has published an article I wrote to help parents new to autism spectrum disorders understand what the diagnosis is about and what first steps to take. You can find the article here:

What to Do When Your Child Gets an Autism Diagnosis.

Take a look. While regular readers of Autism Bulletin and veteran parents of people with autism probably won't find any surprises, I would hope this article will help not just parents new to the subject but also grandparents, other relatives and friends.

Related Subject: Where Do Parents Find Support?

On a related subject, for a future Autism Bulletin article: I am very interested in sharing information about ways for parents and other family members find support for each other as they work to help their children with autism spectrum disorders. If you have suggestions for finding that support, please post a comment, or drop me a line at michaelsgoldberg AT yahoo DOT com.


M.J. said...

This is one of the better overviews of what to do that I have read. Good job writing it.

Michael Goldberg said...

Thank you MJ for taking the time to read the article and post a comment here. Michael