Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Which Autism Parent Blogs Do You Like?

When I told a colleague of mine that there are many parents of children with autism spectrum disorders who discuss their experiences in blog posts, she asked me to compile a list.

I have some in mind, but am looking for more. So I am asking Autism Bulletin readers for your suggestions. Please answer this question:

Which blogs by parents who describe their experiences raising children with autism do you find helpful? Why?

Please also share the website address of any blogs you choose. You can post your suggestions by adding a comment to the end of this post, or you can send me an e-mail message at michaelsgoldberg AT yahoo DOT com. I will share the list I compile in a later post.


Anonymous said...

I like 'My autistic boy and other adventures in fatherland' = can't do the linky thing though.

I like his blog because we share similar experiences and also because there seem to be less dad/autistic blogs.

It's a friendly warm site without any pretensions.
Best wishes

Unknown said...

I like Autism by Lisa Jo Rudy. Ms Rudy has a different perspective on most autism issues than I do; perhaps arising from the fact that our children's autism diagnoses are on different points on the autism spectrum. She links almost exlusively to Neurodiversity blogs, and reflects the Neurodiversity outlook, which I do not share, but she clearly and persistently tries to present all sides of the issues in a balanced and objective manner.

Aileen said...

I like Autismville! Of course, that might be partly influenced by the fact that I'm Community Editor for But still, I loved Judith's blog even before I started working with her, I swear :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite is AutismVox
Kristina Chew has a very interesting mix of current events and daily life with her son, and observations relating the two areas.

I also enjoy Autismville as noted by the poster above.

Anonymous said...

I like all the blogs already posted above. I subscribe to the RSS feeds of many others that have excellent writing and insight, but those are the most consistent ones for daily reading.

A new blog/community that has some touching writing by parents is AutismSpot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, although it is not exactly the kind of blog that you specify--I regularly read and enjoy THIS BLOG/Autism Bulletin.
Very timely, useful and factual.


Michael Goldberg said...

Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions!

mjsuperfan said...

I like

Also Whitterer on Autism,


Just a few of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

I've been building a blog over the last month or so. I still have some finishing touches to do on the design, but the content is starting to come together. I had planned on waiting a little bit longer to go public with it, but this seems like too good of an invitation.

I would be honored if you would visit and take a look around.

Please comment on anything you find interesting, or use the email link to give me your feedback. I'm all ears!

Still in progress are the header and some additional content in the sidebars. But it is fully-functional today.

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

PS - Thanks to everyone above me for the great input. I've been clicking around & now have a ton of reading to catch up on! ;-)

Maddy - I can't find "My autistic boy and other adventures in fatherland"...? Can you give me the URL (web address), even if the link's not highlighted?


rpnorton said...

The Family Room by Susan Etlinger

Anonymous said...

My favorites are

Judith is a fantastic writer and her work is very compelling. She shares emotional content in a very measured and appropriate way. No one gets hysterical or hot under the collar - a gentle, easy autism blog.

Also like autism vox - a tougher read in terms of political views but well researched and documented.

Always looking for more though - thanks for leading me to a few I did not know about!


AspieMama said...

Hello! I hope it's okay to suggest your own blog. I am an adult with Asperger's, and I have a blog about my experiences as a soon-to-be parent. It is a fairly new blog, and I hope it will become a place where parents on the spectrum can share advice and resources about parenting their children, whether autistic or neurotypical.

I think that the blog may also be useful for non-autistic parents to understand the viewpoints and thought processes of those on the spectrum.


AspieMama - A Blog for Parents with Asperger's

I also read Lisa's blog on

Anonymous said...

Best I've seen so far is autismville

Judith is honest, funny and real with her struggles and experiences and so are her bloggers... really great!!!

Niksmom said...

Oh my, there are literally dozens of blogs that come to mind. Some I read for thoughtful analysis of some of the latest articles and research findings, some for the slightly cynical POV on the "mainstream" media coverage, and many, many blogs I read because I have connected in some way either with the parent's experiences or something about the child has touched me or reminded me of my own.

In no particular order, and including my own, here is a partial list of some NOT already mentioned:
AUTISTA (written by a dad) at
CLUB 166 (also a Dad) at
Mom-NOS at
and my own, MATERNAL INSTINCTS... at

I write about life with my four year old former micropreemie with multiple disabilities including ASD.

jorghahaq said...

Hi. I just came across your site researching the presidential candidates in regard to autism for an article that I am writing.
I wanted to share my blog with everyone,
95% of the blog is dedicated to life in my house with seven children, two who are on the autism spectrum. It's never dull around here. It's not really informative or anything, it's about those moments that happen that anyone who has never had to deal with autistic logic in children do not believe happen.

michele_k said...

There are several blogs out there that I enjoy reading. They cover various topics. Some are about daily experiences that I can relate to and gain thoughts and ideas from. Others have medical, scientific and media infoprmation. Some have already been mentioned above:

Autism Vox, Maternal Instincts, Whitterer on Autism, Club 166.

I also enjoy Marla Baltes' blog-
and Managing Autism-
Mother of Shrek has a wonderful attitude and outlook on many things and I always enjoy reading her blog-

And if I could add my own A Day in the Life-

Mine is about my two kids, one with ADHD, the other autistic.

Anonymous said...

Looking for life's humor ( is just getting started by a Mom who is looking for the positive and funny side of life in a family with Autism. Some cute stories...

Anonymous said...

I like
for info on dietary intervention.

for food politics blog.

Anonymous said...

I like facing autism in NewBrunswick. Lots of wise council and good information. A great dad wanting the best for his severely autistic son. Dad's name is Harold Doberty
Also like feat B.C.They have won two important court cases.

Karianna said...

Mine is

I used to write the ASD-related blog on ClubMom; but alas, the whole momblogging program went down the tubes, so I've transferred my ASD-related content to my personal blog, "The Karianna Spectrum"

I have several ASD-related blogs in my blogroll. Many of those have already been mentioned here.

Susan Etlinger (already mentioned) and I both write for the Silicon Valley Moms Blog ( frequently with ASD-flavor, but sometimes just on "regular ol' SV issues."

I agree the time-issue is a difficult one: those who need the most support/advice/knowledge that they "aren't alone" are typically also those who have no time to read blogs because they are still in the trenches!

Monica Fraser said...

I also run a blog for my son who has Asperger's Syndrome. I am excited to find others as well with blogs. It is nice to read other parents experiences.

autism45--Carole Norman Scott said...

I am Carole Norman Scott, and I have recently opened a blog at I am a mother of an adult son with autism, and have kept diaries, and written all through the years about our experiences. I am sharing it now, and hope it will be helpful to those just starting out on this "Journey Through the Wilderness of Autism. Thanks, Carole

Gloria Doty said...

I write 2 blogs about my 28-year-old daughter who is MIMH, autistic and recently diagnosed with Asperger's also. I state that I am not giving medical, political, dietary or any other kind of advice. I simply, and with a sense of humor, (usually) tell stories of our journey together; for the purpose of having other parents see things they can possibly relate to. One blog is written for the MOMS section of the Fort Wayne Newspapers. It is titled Not Different Enough. Address: (blog section) The second one is
I hope you visit and leave comments. Thank you!