Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Stories on Autism Bulletin in 2007

Here is a list of the top 10 stories on Autism Bulletin as measured by readers' interest:

1. Map of State Autism Insurance Laws

2. Texas Governor Signs Autism Insurance Bill

3. 17 States Require Some Insurance Coverage for Autism, Recent Survey Finds

4. Autism Schools Map Project

5. Colorado Passes Early Intervention Plan that Applies to Autism

6. New Florida Autism Charter School Opens in Tampa

7. MTV's "True Life" Features Teens with Autism

8. Texas Lawmakers Pass Bill to Cover Some Children's Autism Services

9. Wisconsin Governor Calls for Autism Coverage

10. Nick News Focuses on Autism

The top five "Labels" readers researched on Autism Bulletin in 2007:

1. ABA

2. Autism Services

3. Asperger's

4. Health Insurance

5. Legislation

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Anonymous said...

To the person who asked about support groups by state, we have a great one in Texas:

Hope this helps!