Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Recent Additions to Autism Bulletin Sidebar

For readers who may be new to Autism Bulletin, there's a growing list to the right of the articles posted here that provides links to resources, documents, books and other websites that could be helpful to parents and family members of a child with autism. Recent additions include:

  • The Supreme Court's May 21 ruling in Winkelman v. Parma City School District, affirming parents' rights to represent themselves in court to argue for special education services for their child.

  • Diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorders, copies of the American Psychiatric Association's manuals, past and present, via Unstrange.com.

  • A list of recent news summary articles that have appeared on this website.

  • A Google search engine box, that allows you to search both this website and the web at large.

You can find these and more resources here. I'm always looking for suggestions that would make Autism Bulletin more useful to readers. Drop me a line at michaelsgoldberg AT yahoo.com.

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