Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Poll: Where Do Dads of Kids with Autism Get Their Emotional Support? Plus Results of Recent Poll

With Father's Day coming in a couple of weeks, I am wondering where fathers of children with autism spectrum disorders go for the emotional challenges they face. See the poll question below and vote. Please share it with other families and fathers who can help us understand what they find. I ask this question with the knowledge -- and gratitude -- that it's mom who frequently takes the lead on management, logistics, program direction and other functions that make parenting a child with autism sound and feel like running a small business. (Read this article for an argument in favor of getting mothers respite breaks.) But dads need to figure out how to deal with the challenges they face, too and so I'm asking this question.

If for some reason you cannot see the question, or cannot click on a voting option, you can also find the poll question here.

Where does the father in your family get the most support for the emotional challenges of parenting an autistic child?

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Results of recent Autism Bulletin poll on thanking teachers:

What do you do to show your appreciation to teachers who make a difference in your autistic child's life? (Percentages based on 18 responses. See related article here.)

Tell them what a positive difference they make in my child's life, and mine: 22 percent.

Write them notes of thanks: zero.

Buy them gifts: 5 percent.

Make donations in their honor: 5 percent.

Do more than one of these things: 61 percent.

I don't know what to say, or don't have time, to do any of these things: 5 percent.

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