Friday, May 04, 2007

Question for Parents of Autistic Kids: How Often Do You Take a Break?

Parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder know it's important to take a break from the stress of caring for their kids. By "break" I do not mean respite care, such as hiring someone to engage your children in constructive play, extra therapy sessions or the like. I mean a break from everything, to go out with your spouse or friends or even by yourself with the goal of having fun, taking time off to do nothing parenting-related. How often do you get to do that? How often have you gone out with your spouse, significant other, or a friend, just for pleasure, since January 1? Once? Twice? Monthly? Weekly?

Please answer the question below. (E-mail subscribers can participate in the question by clicking here.) I plan to use the results in a future article on Autism Bulletin. And feel encouraged to post a comment on this subject, or write to me at michaelsgoldberg AT yahoo DOT com.

How many times have you gone out with your spouse or a friend for pleasure since Jan. 1?

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1 comment:

Maddy said...

I worry that I will mess up your data. [Bad timing domestically due to unforeseen delays in optimum parental efficiency] [?]
Best wishes