Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reprise: Why Families with Autism Need to Celebrate Mothers Often

Last year for Mother's Day, I posted this piece on Autism Bulletin: Why Families with an Autistic Child Need to Celebrate Mother's Day Frequently; Plus Some Suggestions. Click on the link to read the piece.

In short, parents, and especially moms, work long and hard to help their kids. It's important to take time off, away from this demanding life, so you can rest, recharge and get back to it. Respite helps you help your children.

Some respondents to this piece explained, understandably, that getting time away from the family can be difficult to arrange. An unscientific survey on this blog showed that most parents took no time off at all.

When was the last time you took a break, for at least an hour? And what did you do? Walks count. So do coffee shop meetings.

Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts.


Marla said...

Getting time away is very very difficult. I have to make it happen. The worst part is that things are harder when I do take time because M gets upset with the change. But, we do it anyway. My goal is to take more weekends away. I need more than just a walk! I need three days alone.

autisticdad said...

With the unusually high divorce rate of parents with autistic kids (80-85%)you have to make time for yourself, and as a couples. It's in everyone's best interests, you, your spouse and your children. There are a lot of options to get a couple hours to recharge if you look for them. Support Groups, State Services, Private Services, Schools, Friends, and Grandparents. You can even start your own group specifically as a date night baby sitting or teen center co-op.

Going to a support group for an hour that provides on-site babysitting can be the difference between laughing or crying over spilled milk.

You need to make a point to do at least one thing a week, and one date a month.

Michael Goldberg said...

Thank you for your comments. It is hard to find time, but it is indeed important.