Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interesting List of Blogs by Parents of Kids with Autism

When I asked for suggestions for interesting blogs by parents of kids with autism spectrum disorders, I received dozens of suggestions. You can see the original post here, complete with comments.

Here is a list of the most popular nominations I received:

Parents noted their wide range of reasons for sharing these and other blogs, including the real-life experiences these parents share about raising their kids who have autism spectrum disorders; others noted some of those cited above share their sense of humor through this challenging parenting experience. And still others find value in the information they share.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. As the comments field on the previous post shows, new parent blogs are starting up every day. You can find many more autism-related blogs, including a number of blogs by adults with autism. You can do a search for autism at places like Google Blog Search and Technorati. You can find special autism blog directories, too; a big one is called Autism Hub, based in the U.K.

In one sense, the sheer number of blogs can seem overwhelming; so much to scan, so little time to do it. But there's also a reassuring note to all this activity; you're not in this alone, you can tap into what other parents are going through. Chances are, it's some of the same things you are facing, and they may have some insights to share with you. The web is a great medium for that kind of expression.


Anonymous said...

Autism Vox is a wonderful blog. Very informative and intelligently written. Can't say the same about Autismville--sorry. This seems to be written by a wealthy, bored woman who clearly has no clue about intervention.

Michael Goldberg said...

Thanks for participating here. I certainly agree that AutismVox is great.

However, I would add that it's very easy to criticize others' work when you hide behind anonymity.


Judith U. said...

Thanks for compiling a great list. I enjoy all of these blogs as well...

Now please excuse me while I hop onto my private jet to head to Milan for some shoe shopping ...

Peace and love,


Casdok said...

The web certasinly is a wonderful medium. I have learnt so much from reading other blogs.