Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Basic Guide to Well-Known Autism Therapies, a website for parents-to-be and parents of young children, has published another article I wrote to help parents and families who are new to navigating the world of autism services.

You can find the article here: A Basic Guide to Well-Known Autism Therapies. The article notes:

Because autism is a serious disability, and early intervention so important, families tend to do as much for their diagnosed children as they can fit into their lives and budgets. Here is a guide to the most well-known treatments and techniques for helping young children with autism make developmental gains, along with advice for evaluating these approaches and resources to find more information.

The article includes information on many services families consider to help their kids, with links to other articles and organizations which can provide more information on each kind of service. The article's sections include:

Please note that people have written books about each of these subjects above; this article is designed to provide families confronting an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis with useful information. It's an effort to help families get started on their efforts to help their child.

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