Saturday, December 22, 2007

New on Autism Bulletin's Sidebar: Special Education and Disability News from

Readers new to Autism Bulletin should check out what I call the "sidebar" which is the column on the right side of this website that has lists and links to other resources. I've added a new one today. is the blog and website providing news and commentary on disability issues authored by Patricia E. Bauer, a veteran journalist and editor. She notes on her website bio that she and her husband helped to establish the Pathway Program at UCLA, a post-secondary program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. They are the parents of two young adults, one of whom has Down syndrome and is a survivor of leukemia.

Note for e-mail subscribers: other resources in the sidebar include autism news via GoogleNews, links to reports and books I have found useful, recent court decisions involving special education law, other resources and some how-to articles such as how to plan a community outing.

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Thanks for sharing Michael - very worthwhile!