Saturday, November 25, 2006

Simple, Revealing Letters to New York Times on Autism Article

The New York Times in Sunday's paper is publishing six letters to the editor responding to a November 21 Op-Ed column "Studying Autism Isn't Enough," by the parents of a 4-year-old girl with autism. (The newspaper posted the letters on Saturday night, and you can read them online here.)

What you learn by reading these letters is that the rise in known cases of children with autism means that more families are struggling to find the right kinds of services; that the struggle is national in scope; that wealth only answers part of the challenge, because the supply of services is so short; and that the challenge grows geometrically when the children become adults.

Clearly, the authors of the op-ed, Cathryn Garland and Michael O'Hanlon, were on to something when they suggested that the emphasis on research in the Combat Autism Act now before Congress is understandable and warranted, but fails to address the whole picture.

Read the original column in the Times here. Read about the Combat Autism Act here.

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