Wednesday, November 22, 2006

6 Tips for Using Autism Bulletin

I've received some questions from readers of Autism Bulletin about using this website. Here's a quick review of what you can do.

1. Search. You can search the archives of Autism Bulletin using the search bar at the top of this page. It looks like this:
Just enter the text and click on "search blog" to see results of your search.

2. Comment. You can comment on any article by clicking on this "comments" word that appears beneath it. It looks like this:

When you click on this a box will appear that asks you to type in some random letters. This act prevents automated web "bots" from adding nonsense comments to this website. You can use your name or post anonymous comments.

3. Share an article with a friend by clicking on the "forward" button which appears beneath every article and looks like this:

A screen will appear asking you for your name and e-mail address and your friend's e-mail address. Click the "send e-mail" button and you're done.

4. Subscribe so that you receive new articles automatically. One way to do this is to enter your e-mail address in the box at right and click "subscribe." Another way to do this is by clicking on the orange icon which appears on the right side of this web page and looks like this:
This icon is for RSS feeds which you can receive if you have a blog reader like Bloglines, which can be a useful for keeping all your website subscriptions in one place. Click on the icon and follow the instructions.

5. Labels are useful for navigating past articles and recurring themes on Autism Bulletin. Clicking on the "Congress" label, for example, will take you to a list of recent articles relating to that subject label.

6. You can always e-mail me at this address: michaelsgoldberg AT yahoo DOT com. Send comments, questions and suggestions and I will respond. Thanks for reading Autism Bulletin.

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