Monday, November 12, 2007

Nominate Your Pick for Autism Advocates of the Year

Autism Bulletin is seeking your nominations for autism advocates of the year. Please submit your suggestions and nominations for people, organizations, no matter where they have done their work, by submitting a comment at the end of this blog post or by e-mailing me at michaelsgoldberg AT yahoo DOT com. Explain who nominee is, what work they have done to advocate for people with autism and why their work made a difference this year.

Nominations are due by December 1. Later in December, I will publish an article highlighting the efforts of these people and organizations.

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Alyric said...

Dr Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Past President of the American Psychological Society. Her work is concerned with the perceptions of autistics, which one would think would be of great interest to therapists, but it isn't and since they don't go to research conferences where this is discussed - like IMFAR, the therapy end of the autism equation remains in the dark. Great pity that but kudos to Dr Gernsbacher for her efforts.