Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nominate Autism Advocates of the Year for 2007

Who has done important work to help people with autism spectrum disorders this year? Which groups or individuals have advocated for children, supported adults with autism? Autism Bulletin is collecting nominations for the second annual list of advocates of the year, to be published in December. And we need your help.

In 2006, we recognized both national and local grassroots efforts to make the lives of people with autism, and their families, better. Read Autism Bulletin's 2006 Autism Advocates of the Year to recall these important people and organizations.

Then nominate who you think deserves recognition this year. Though Autism Bulletin is based in the United States, nominees worldwide are encouraged.

This has been another big year for news in the autism community, with action in education, research, the courts, legislative halls and media coverage. Let's celebrate some important accomplishments from the year.

You can post a comment at the end of this blog post to make your nomination. You also can write to me at michaelsgoldberg AT yahoo DOT com. Explain why you are nominating this person or group, and how people can learn more information about them (websites where they are based and media coverage of their efforts are good examples of this). Personal testimonies are encouraged. Thank you for your participation.

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