Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Texas Governor Has Until June 17 To Decide Fate of Autism Insurance Bill

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's staff today told NBC 5 TV News in Dallas that he had not yet made up his mind about signing or vetoing House Bill 1919, which would require health insurance plans in Texas to cover autism services for young children. The station carried a news report visiting with several parents of autistic children, who explained that signing the bill would enable them to provide more services for their kids without having to pay for it all out-of-pocket (or not getting the service at all). See a video of the report by clicking here. Perry must decide what to do by June 17, the TV station said.

You can read past coverage on the Texas proposal here. Click here to read the text of the bill via the Texas Legislature's website.

While the TV report highlights parents who support the bill, the proposal has opponents, too. The Houston Chronicle reported June 5 that The Texas Association of Business has come out against the bill because it would increase health care costs for employers. "We want to leave the discretion up to the employers and let them decide what health plans (to provide) and not the state," a business group spokesman told the newspaper. Read that article here.

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This bill is passed! (

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