Friday, April 20, 2007

How Far Parents Would Travel for A Good Time with Their Autistic Child

Parents are ready to go, and to go far, for a successful outing with their children who have an autism spectrum disorder. The graph above represents the results of a poll Autism Bulletin posted this week, asking parents how far they would travel each way to have a successful, two-hour outing with their autistic child.

Let's stipulate that this is an informal poll, not scientific; in fact, if it's true that the stronger you feel about an issue the more likely you are to participate in a poll like this, then it makes sense that the idea of traveling any distance for a successful outing was the most popular answer.

So far, close to 20 readers responded -- you can still do so here. What's clear from this small sampling is that the idea of a constructive activity in the community has moms and dads ready and willing to get going, and that the top answer reflects a willingness to travel far and wide for such an opportunity.

You can read the original post with the poll question here.


A Behavior Analyst said...

We have seriously considered doing a week of beach and surfing instructions for families of children with autism. What holds us back, unfortunately, are the liabilities. The Paskowitz family runs some surfing instruction in California. We may get it off the ground one day if enough parents were interested.

Michael Goldberg said...

Thanks Andrew for that comment. If you know how to find the surfing instructors in California, send me an e-mail at michaelsgoldberg AT, so I can learn more about the program. Thanks again.