Monday, September 18, 2006

The Autism Acceptance Project

Check out The Autism Acceptance Project, a group based near Toronto that is holding a lecture series, art exhibit and concert featuring work and performances by adults with autism spectrum disorders. This special festival, called "The Joy of Autism," starting October 5 and running for about a month, aims to educate the general public about autism and achieve acceptance for people with autism.

Driving this project is Estee Klar, who seeks to make the world a more welcoming, accepting place for her young son Adam. Watch a video featuring them and a trio of artists whose work will be on display at the Joy of Autism festival. The list of speakers includes parents like Susan Senator, the author of Making Peace with Autism, as well as Phil Schwartz, vice president of the Asperger's Association of New England, who also has Asperger's. You can see Estee Klar's blog here.

The basic message from this project is: autism is here, let's deal with it, find the best services for our kids, include them in school or find the best alternatives. And surround them with love and help them find acceptance as adults.

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